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The Complete Guide to Choosing a Corporate Event Venue

A memorable corporate event starts with having the right venue. Whether you're having your yearly corporate retreat or a large-scale conference, you need a corporate event venue that will fit all of your needs.

There's a lot that goes into event planning that many people don't consider. And not many people know what to look for when choosing a venue. But these expert tips can help you select a suitable space no matter what event you're hosting.

A good event always starts with a good venue. So here is your comprehensive guide for choosing the right corporate event venue.

Location Is a Big Deal

One of the first details you should consider is the venue's location. Will it be out of town or in your city? If it's out of town, how close is it to hotels that attendees might be staying at?

You'll want a venue close to freeways, hotels, restaurants, and public transportation to make it easier for the people attending the corporate event.

Consider Parking and Transportation

How will people be getting to your event? Are they driving themselves, or will transportation be provided that drops them off at the venue? Or will it be a combination? Parking and transportation often go hand in hand with the location.

These are essential questions to answer so you know what to look for in a venue. And if you find a venue you like, you might opt for hiring transportation to get everyone out there.

Think About The Agenda

When considering which venue to book, you must consider what you'll do during the event. For example, is it an event where people will be mingling cocktail style, or will everyone be sitting down to listen to speakers—conference style?

This will inform how much space you need and possible layouts, two things it's essential to bring to the attention of any venue. How much event venue space you have to work with will also help inform the plan.

Budget Is a Major Component

Whether you're making all the decisions or getting a guide from someone higher up, there will probably be a budget you can spend on your event as a whole, with a significant portion going to the venue. Therefore, comparing venue costs is essential during the planning stage.

Because a venue is so important, it should be one of your first decisions. But you also don't want to spend so much on the venue that you don't have enough for the rest of the event. Looking for a venue in your budget is essential for event success.

Accessibility Should be a Priority

You'll have guests of all kinds coming to your event, so accessibility should be a priority when planning. Speakers, attendees, and staff can benefit from accessibility. Many venues take this into consideration on their own, but you may still need to provide some equal access.

And don't only think of physical accessibility like ramps and elevators. This also means accessibility for those who might be deaf or blind, like interpreters or venues that are animal friendly for guide dogs.

A Green Room Might Be Necessary

If you're planning on having talent speak, present, or perform at your event, you might want a green room where they can stay before getting on stage. A green room is like a lounge area separate from the wider event.

Here corporate event entertainment and speakers can collect themselves, practice their speech, or take time to relax until it's their turn to present. This isn't a space many venues have, but it's a plus for corporate events.

Do You Need Catering?

Unless you're having everyone pack their lunches, you will need corporate event catering. And that means looking for a venue that provides catering space. Of course, that doesn't mean it has to be a full kitchen for them to prepare the meal, but that's certainly a plus.

The catering space or kitchen should have room for the team to plate meals, pour drinks, and serve food. Having some commercial kitchen appliances to heat or prepare food elements is a plus.

Don't Forget About Branding

When it comes to planning events for a company, branding should be at the forefront. Planning the details of a corporate event should consider the brand of the company or business holding it.

You also want to display your company's logo and branding throughout the venue without them clashing. So a blank space that you can customize to your taste and with your colors is often the best choice.

Logistics and Details

Before booking a venue, it's essential to understand all the logistics, like how long you have the rental and any stop times, as well as policies or restrictions for decorations and music.

You should also ask the venue if they provide rentals like tables, chairs, linens, flatware, and glassware. If the venue provides these details, you won't have to rent them, saving you some money and planning efforts.

What Does the Venue Offer?

The venue isn't only about having a space to hold the event, though that is important. It's also about the experience that venues can offer their clients. Be sure to speak to the venue staff about what they can provide for your event.

Are there packages that include services like set up and clean up? What does the staff do on the day of the event? Not only can this help you make a decision, but it'll also let you know other details you have to plan for.

Finding the Best Corporate Event Venue for You

Whether it's your first time planning an event or you're a seasoned veteran, you want this to be a memorable event for everyone. Make everything from conferences to retreats the best one yet by choosing the right corporate event venue.

Coworkers, colleagues, and guests will be talking about this event because you followed this guide to choosing the perfect venue. You might even get asked to plan again next year.

Are you ready to book the perfect venue? The West Venue is the ideal space, no matter what event you're hosting. Take a virtual tour of the space and get in contact to book your event today!

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