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5 Ideas for Engaging and Memorable Corporate Events

great corporate events
Corporate Events

60% of business leaders believe that events are critical for their success. When was your last corporate event? Are you due for another one?

Many people think that corporate events have to be boring and lackluster, but this isn't true. You can incorporate fun, engaging, and memorable activities to make the events enjoyable for everyone.

We're here to talk about a few fun ideas that you can incorporate into your next event. Read on to learn more.

1. An Auction

Auctions are fantastic additions to any corporate event ideas for customers and clients. Your employees can help set it up (and bid on items if they choose) as well.

Your industry may determine what goes into the auction. Perhaps you have memorabilia from the history of your industry that you're ready to sell to the highest bidder. If you're in the art sphere, you may have work from local artists and designers.

Food service businesses may auction off cooking equipment, meals, and other relevant items. There are so many potential options.

If nothing industry-related quite makes sense for your auction, consider collaborating with local businesses to come up with fun and interesting auction items. This can also help you build a good reputation in your community, making it fantastic for networking.

If the idea of a standard auction seems stressful, don't worry. Silent auctions are also fantastic, and they can run in the "background" of corporate events. People simply write their bids down when they pass an item they're interested in so there's no need for an auctioneer.

2. A Pop-Up Market

A pop-up market is another fun addition to a corporate event. During your event time, set up an outdoor pop-up market that's open to community members, even if they aren't official attendees.

This is another great way to connect with other local businesses, some of which may be clients and customers (or future clients and customers). Alongside your own booths, welcome other business owners to set up booths in your market.

Community members can come to check out all of the booths, and while they'll be prioritizing yours and you will be the official host, they'll also be learning about other businesses.

A pop-up market is a great outdoor event to take a break from an otherwise "stuffy" indoor corporate event. You can also use it for local food service businesses to set up booths and food trucks so you don't have to worry about catering.

3. A Fun Scavenger Hunt

If you're looking for fun company event ideas for employees, consider a scavenger hunt! This can work for both outdoor and indoor events, and it doesn't have to be a standalone activity.

Before the event, set up the scavenger hunt. Hide items (or use common items) around the event space for your team to find. Then, make a list of all of the things that your attendees should find.

At the beginning of the event, pass out the list of the scavenger hunt items to every attendee. You can have them work in groups as a team-building activity or let them work alone.

If it's a standalone event, you can set a time limit. If not, consider giving attendees the entire duration of the event to find everything on the list.

You can have some "normal" things and some fun things. For example, "normal" things could be posters, booths, and other common corporate event items around the venue. Fun things can be little trinkets like action figures and stuffed toys that you've hidden.

Make sure to come up with an interesting little prize for the winners!

4. A Professional Development Workshop

This may not be the most exciting activity for a corporate event, but you can make it fun and engaging.

Consider bringing in a high-level industry guest speaker to run the workshop. Make it someone who everyone already knows of so they'll be excited to learn from them.

If such a person isn't available, pick an area of development that you know will be interesting to the group. It's a good idea to pick something that can truly help them grow.

For example, you may have them take a workshop about marketing on social media. This can be helpful for the business, but it will also help each person in their own individual professional life. You can set up the workshop to have them learn how to properly use LinkedIn, choose good photos, make graphics, and more.

As long as the workshop is genuinely helpful, people will enjoy it.

5. An Old-School Photo Booth

A photo booth is a fun and easy addition to any corporate social event ideas. You can find an old one that still prints film photos or set up a modern photo booth that sends photos right to phones or social media.

Photo booths are so much fun, and they're great for making memories, even for corporate events. If you establish an event hashtag, you can even have people post and tag the photos to spread the word about the event!

Try These Activities During Corporate Events

Corporate events don't have to be boring and stuffy. When you introduce fun activities, you can make the events more enjoyable for clients, customers, and employees alike. You'll probably have more fun as well!

So which activities will you try during your next corporate event? Will you set up a fun scavenger hunt? What about a great personal development workshop?

At The West Venue, we have the perfect space for your Atlanta corporate events. Learn more about our pricing here and give us a call or email us at We can't wait to hear from you.

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