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Atlanta - What makes a good Venue for your party?

Updated: May 18, 2022

There are many details to consider, most important of which is how easy it is to communicate with the venue representative. Do you get the answer when you need it? Do they pick up your phone call? Do they ask you questions that help you plan your world class event? Many wedding venues, party venues and lounges don't have enough team members to handle the phone calls, so you may have to call multiple times to hear back. Stay away from such venues. You want a venue that is on top of their tasks so they don't put you behind.

You want to have a memorable event, but not know where to start?. So your one option is to find a venue that does everything, and you better believe it that they charge you a premium for their services, or your other option is to work with the venue that gets you in touch with multiple vendors for your each need, so you can get competitive quotes and you may go with the vendor who understands your needs. You definitely don't want to work with the venue that has no contacts and ideas when you are stuck in your planning.

Is the Venue clean and organized? Many venues count on dark lighting on the day of event to hide all the uncleanliness. It costs time & money to keep a clean venue, making sure the restrooms are clean and serviced after each event, bar and furniture is wiped.

Don't trust or settle on the venue. Work with a business that makes you feel comfortable and is helpful. You are hiring a partner not another vendor to manage on the day of the event.


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