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Trending Now: Intimate Weddings

Updated: Jul 27, 2022

Couple and wedding party
Intimate Weddings

As the start of engagement season approaches, help couples navigate the wedding planning process by sharing these intimate wedding trends for 2022.

Here are Some Terms for Wedding Planners to Know for 2022

Micro Wedding:

Micro weddings are small, intimate weddings. Micro weddings average less than 50 guests, and those guests are limited to family and the couple's closest friends. These types of nuptials include everything a typical or large wedding entails, but on a much smaller scale.


A minimony is an intimate commitment ceremony, where the couples state their intentions and commitment to each other in front 10 or fewer of their loved ones. Minimonies offer a chance for the couple to honor their original wedding date that may have been postponed due to the pandemic.

Sequel Wedding:

Sequel weddings are a newer term, becoming popular in 2020-21 for couples wishing to hold a second large gathering to bring their dream wedding to life. This is a follow-up to a wedding or "sequel" to a minimony. In prior years, this would have been a second wedding due to cultural or religious reasons for a couple.

Now that you know the trending weddings for couples in 2022, below are some tips for planning a successful intimate wedding.

Keep the guest list small

Guest lists are difficult to finalize for many couples. By deciding to have an intimate wedding, you are agreeing to keep your nuptials to under 50 people (under 10 for a minimony). This list typically includes immediate family and closest friends.

Create a beautiful setting

Just because a couple is planning a small wedding does not mean they need to skimp on things like florals, décor, catering, or music. In fact, many couples may splurge on these aspects of their big day to enhance the intimate setting, creating an unforgettable experience.

Select a venue that is unique

Many of the venues that we have on our website are small and are wedding-specific, meaning they only host weddings. Additionally, many provide an outdoor space for couples to say, 'I do'. Booking a venue with experience in hosting weddings makes the planning process smoother and more enjoyable for you and your clients.

The West Venue is here to help you plan your upcoming nuptial. Click here to have our venue advisor help you.


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