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The West Venue is a popular location for corporate, weddings and private events in Atlanta, GA
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Atlanta, Georgia, is a city that embodies Southern hospitality. Many families and individuals love opening up their homes for parties and events. However, every once in a while, a private residence might not be spacious or elegant enough to accommodate a blow-out party or a more formal gathering.


That’s when you need to contact the West Venue, a banquet hall that offers dramatic flair and stately elegance if you have a notable event coming up that you want your guests to remember forever. The West Venue is appropriate for:


· Weddings

· Graduation parties

· Milestone birthdays and anniversary dinners

· Professional events

· Retirement parties

· Concerts

· Plays


What Makes the West Venue Such a Popular Choice for the Residents of Atlanta, GA?

Whether you need a breathtaking banquet hall for weddings or you’re celebrating your Golden Anniversary with the love of your life, the West Venue is the ideal choice. The stunning 30-foot-high ceilings add some style and class to the proceedings.


Our fabulous event hall has packages that can accommodate both cocktail guests and those who are there for the reception. Our 300 cocktail and 220 reception guest package is a particular favorite, but we have others as well.


You might also go with our lounge and the 220 cocktail and 150 reception guest package for a more intimate occasion. The lounge setup comes with a built-in bar where you can keep the revelry going long into the night. It’s the ideal space for cocktail parties and gatherings of all kinds.


We’re conveniently located and have a team experienced with a variety of formal and casual events.

Whether you’re expecting nothing but guests from the Atlanta area, or you’ll have dignitaries from all over the world, they will go home afterward gushing about our gorgeous facility and attention to detail.

If you want your Atlanta-based event to be a success, give us a call at 678-575-6695

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