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Planning a Bar or Bat Mitzvah in 2023

Milestone celebrations like a bar mitzvah or bat mitzvah have evolved. Although the fundamentals of the occasion remain the same, the celebrations of Gen Z look very different than the parties held in previous generations.

New technology has become a large part of the bar and bat mitzvah venues in 2023. Even preparations have changed. Students today can learn the Torah through YouTube videos.

So if you're planning a bar or bat mitzvah for your child at an Atlanta party venue, you might be wondering how to create an event that resonates with their generation.

In this guide, we'll cover popular trends for 2023 bar and bat mitzvahs. By including these popular ideas, you can ensure you're planning a celebration that is memorable for your child and their peers.

What Is a Bar Mitzvah or Bat Mitzvah?

Traditionally, a bar mitzvah or bat mitzvah has been a coming-of-age ritual for Jewish boys and girls. In recent years, it has been viewed as an affirmation of Jewish identity.

The milestone event is also marked with a large celebration that includes friends and family. As a result, many of the guests are typically made up of a younger crowd.

Appealing to that crowd can be difficult, particularly if you're the parent or grandparent of the child being celebrated. If you need to plan a bat mitzvah or bar mitzvah in 2023, there are some trends to watch out for.

Party Planning & Design

You don't need to hire an event planner to create the perfect environment for your celebration. You just need a basic understanding of 2023 bar and bat mitzvah trends.

When thinking about theme motifs, design, or décor for your event, work with your venue to see what has worked in the past. You can draw inspiration from these popular trends.

Popular Themes

Combining decorating themes like boho and chic will be popular throughout 2023. Create an environment of neutral hues that is light and feminine, but blend in bright floral arrangements and lanterns.

Gaming and sports-related themes for parties will also be popular this year. Work these themes into your place settings and centerpieces.

Neon décor remains a major trend for 2023, as guests look for some excitement and color following years locked inside.

Green is the most popular color, regardless of the theme you choose.

Paper Craft Décor

Paper crafts are making a comeback.

Pay close attention to your invitations and seating chart. You may even consider creating an elaborate paper menu for your guests to take home as a keepsake.

Work elements of emboss, lace, or fabric into your stationery. You may also consider using 3D layering techniques to create paper crafts for your event signage.


Gen Z is passionate about sustainable items. Impress your guests by considering the environmental impact of your event.

Think about replacing print with projected images wherever possible. If you do use paper, opt for recycled paper. Eliminate paper, and plastic dishes and drinkware.

Set up recycling stations around your venue.

Event Planning & Entertainment

If you're looking for bar and bat mitzvah ideas that a young crowd will appreciate, there is a lot to consider.

Here are a few trends expected to make a splash in 2023. These are sure to impress your crowd, and make for an evening they won't forget.

Glow Parties

Combine your neon décor with a late-night glow party for your guests. Illuminate the space with backlights and distribute glow sticks to your guests. Set a bubble machine beside the dance floor and let your guests celebrate with a large dance party.

Pop music is in, so make sure popular artists like Harry Styles, Taylor Swift, and Lizzo are included in your DJ list.

Media Booths

You can't go wrong with a classic photo booth. Hire someone to set up a booth with fun props, or consider renting something more unique.

Some companies offer traditional photo booth rentals. Most of Gen Z has never experienced a classic photo booth before, and taking home a strip of photos as a souvenir will impress them!

TikTok booths are also making waves. They offer 3-minute intervals for your guests to create broadcasts that capture your event experience to share with their social media audience.

Food & Drink

We all know that food and drinks can make or break an event.

Impress your guests with some of these popular food and drink ideas for 2023. They will make your event stand out.

Mocktail Bar

Since many of your guests are under the legal drinking age, opt for a mocktail bar. Work with your child to create a signature drink they will be proud to share with their friends.

The drink can match the décor or theme of the event. Make sure it's Instagram-worthy, so they can share pictures of it on their social media.

Avocado Bar

If you want something unique and fresh, consider including an avocado bar. Guests can pick an avocado off a stand shaped like a tree.

Then, allow them to stuff the avocado with their favorite toppings.

Culture & Cuisine

Gen Z loves trying different cuisines. Include authentic foods they might not be able to try elsewhere.

You may also consider this when hosting a traditional Friday night Shabbat dinner for family and friends, or a Sunday brunch for those visiting from out of town.

Bar and Bat Mitzvah Trends in Fashion

Finding the right fashion for a bar or bat mitzvah is an undertaking of its own.

Here are some of the trends to keep in mind in 2023.

Custom Kippot

Make a kippot that is truly memorable by lining it with motifs from the event.

Draw in colors from the invitations or elements of the bar or bat mitzvah venues your event is held in.

Feminine Trends

Feminine and dainty fashion is in style, for men and women alike.

Ruffles, tulle, lace, and bold floral patterns on flowing fabrics are in style. These trends will look unique and comfortable for any guest in attendance.

Try These Amazing Bar and Bat Mitzvah Ideas

If you're planning a bar or bat mitzvah, you might be wondering how to make it resonate with a younger crowd.

By following these trends for 2023, you can feel confident that you're planning a milestone event your child and their guests will never forget!

If you're looking for an Atlanta party venue for your event, consider The West Venue. Inquire about our services today and let's start planning your dream event.


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