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6 Things to Look for in an Event Space for Parties

Are you ready to put your party outfit on?

Atlanta is home to some of the best parties you'll ever see and is the sixth most fun city in the US. Whether you're throwing a huge wedding party or a corporate get-together, you're sure to have a blast. However, don't start thinking about decorations and playlists for the big night yet.

You first need to make some vital decisions, like the date, catering, and of course, the venue. Does it match the theme and vibe you're going for? Is it accessible and convenient for guests?

The venue will play a massive role in your party's success. Read on to discover how to choose event spaces for a night to remember.

1. Location

In event planning, location is a top priority. Like the venue, this can affect the experience of every attendee. If the event location is far from the central city, how many guests will show up and be on time?

Unless you're providing transportation, it's best to keep the event space close to the central city. The farther your location, the more inconvenience you push onto your guests.

For a local event, choose an event space with a reasonable distance for your guests. Often, short-drive travel lasts from 30 minutes to an hour without traffic jams.

If most of your guests are from out of town, the best event location is near the airport or their hotels. With this, always consider transportation, traffic, and parking.

2. Services and Amenities

When looking for event space for parties, consider the available services and amenities.

To begin, ensure the venue has enough parking space for guests. You also want the comfort rooms to be easy to find. The venue must also be accessible to people with disabilities.

When you book the venue, ask if there are inclusions that come with the package. Often, companies provide catering and sound system services to their clients. Choose a venue that can give you what you need so you can save on other event planning costs.

The West Venue offers catering services and many event themes. In addition, we cater different events ranging from birthdays to corporate events.

3. Parking

Regardless of the distance, most attendees bring their car to events. When staying late, having their vehicles is convenient. Ensure the venue has a parking lot that can accommodate every car.

Most event spaces offer parking arrangements. While you may need to pay extra for parking, it's best to avail of the service for the attendees' convenience. Some organizers also provide a valet service for guests.

Valet help is essential for upscale events, such as auctions and balls.

If the venue has no parking lot, look for a place nearby that your guests can access. What if there is no parking available? Search the area for rental space near the event location and reserve it for parking.

4. Capacity

Before distributing invitations, ensure the venue can accommodate everyone on your guest list. Every building follows a capacity limit, so you want to ensure that the location has enough room for guests.

If you're throwing a corporate event with 300 people, don't book a venue that can only accommodate 250 guests. If you try to fit everyone in, it can get crowded and uncomfortable.

Depending on the layout, venues sharing the same capacity can feel different. It helps to visit the venue yourself before the event so you can see firsthand what the room will be like. If you're having a big event, you want to ensure that people can move with ease, even if people are dancing.

Another reason why you must check the capacity is because of the fire and safety codes to follow in the venue. It can be difficult to evacuate people over the room capacity limit in case of an emergency. People may panic and push over each other, resulting in injuries.

5. Layout

Apart from the location and capacity, the space layout can affect other aspects of the event. Even if you book a big ballroom, it will be difficult to navigate if the layout is too messy. The DJ's table and speakers may get in the way of foot traffic, or the tables may make it hard to move around.

To narrow your choices, get the floor plan and explore the venue. Note things such as the location of the AV equipment and the outlets.

You can decide on the seating and table arrangements, too. Ensure there's a space where people can walk through and move. If you plan to put up signages, make sure they won't get in the way.

The traffic flow is another factor to consider when making your layout. Registration booths or buffet tables may get crowded easily. To avoid high traffic, give these spaces more allowance.

6. Ambiance

The ambiance of the event space is another crucial factor to consider. On most occasions, event planners follow a theme when decorating. For instance, Hollywood is a common concept you see in social events.

To give the best experience, you must decorate the venue with things related to the theme. Decorations will do most of the work in helping you achieve your vision. However, keep in mind that the venue itself must also match the vibe you're going for.

Consider the architectural style of the venue. By doing so, you can determine how much decorating can make up for it. This also allows you to save time, money, and effort because you can plan decorations ahead.

Looking for Event Spaces for Your Next Party?

Parties are a blast, but event planning can be stressful if you don't know what you're looking for. Choosing the right venue will help you ensure a successful event. With these tips, you can cross one thing off your list and focus on everything else.

Do you know where to look for event spaces in Atlanta? Our event spaces are ready for booking. Contact us today and take our virtual tour here.

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